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High Pressure Laminate

Fire Rated Panel

Product details

Our Fire Retardant Board is a non-combustible decorative panel. It is made up decorative paper layers and an inorganic core material combined with high temperature and high pressure.

It is an environmentally friendly material that combines non-combustible qualities and low formaldehyde emissions.

These panels are suitable for building areas with high environmental protection requirements. They create an environmentally friendly, safe, and comfortable modern space.

Suitable for wall panels, interior décor, door panels, and public spaces.


Class-A Fire Resistant RatingLow Formaldehyde EmissionsEasy to Clean
StabilityLow SwellingVarious Design Choices



A wide range of design options from solid colors,to woodgrains, stones, patterns and more.

Abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, wear-resistant, and durable. Our Fire Retardant Board is available in many surface texture options that create excellent visual aesthetic and touch.

Class A Non-Combustible and Fire Resistant Characteristics

Antibacterial characteristics,long-term safety and advanced antibacterial and anti-mildew functions. Environmentally friendly characteristics with its low formaldehyde release.



1. Overlay2. Decorative Paper3. Calcium Silicate Board
4. Kraft Paper


Flame Retardant Board Test Report